The PAPERs podcast is a weekly medical education podcast produced by Unit for Teaching and Learning at Karolinska Institutet. In each episode our hosts discuss the key points of a medical education article.

PAPERs Podcast mission

Teresa Sörö, Executive producer, talks about PAPERs Podcast in a news article from Karolinska institutet:

“Everyone knows that it’s hard to stay up to date on everything. As a health profession’s educator within health profession education you need to keep up to speed on your clinical subject and on best practices for your pedagogical responsibilities. With this podcast we give our educators a curated sample of research, presented and discussed in a way that makes educational research available and, dare I say, also a bit of fun.”

“At KI our educators are an important part of our space and community. Together with the hosts, we’re hoping to offer insights into health profession education to a broad international audience, with content that is relevant to clinical educators as well as researchers”.

Teresa Sörö, portrait.
Teresa Sörö.
(Photo: Erik Cronberg)

Read the full article “KI produces new podcast on educational research” (Published: 24-02-2023)

The PAPERs Podcast Production Team

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