Live sessions

PAPERs Podcast sometimes do live sessions. Coming up next is a live session at ASME conference. Here you will find live sessions and related material.

Conference participants interact together by raising their hands, and smiling, one person looks in the camera and smile.

Live recording at ASME 2024

Join us for a live recording of the Papers Podcast at ASME on Wednesday, July 10th. On Thursday 11th, Lara Varpio will deliver the keynote address. Don’t miss the “Coffee & Cake” reflection with the PAPERS team on Friday, July 12th. We invite you to stop by, listen, and participate in the discussion. Hope to see you!

ASME takes place between July 10th 2024 -July 12th.
Programme for ASME 2024

Here we will share related material for that, so stay tuned…

Live recording at AMEE 2023

PAPERs Podcast recorded a Live session at the International Association for Health Professions Education (AMEE) conference in Glasgow in 2023.

These two episodes were recorded at AMEE 2023:

Photos from AMEE 2023

Coming up soon

Live session at ASME on Wednesday 10th July, 16.30-18.00.

ASME logo with text Association for the study of medical education