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# 29 – Why can’t we agree (on HPE terminology)?

Meded and health professions education suffer from the lack of common agreement on terms. These authors set out to do something about it.  This glossary, created by a panel of experts from the UK and Ireland, can it be a starting point for discourse and debate in the HPE community? Hear how the hosts debate and give example of terms and words with double or ambiguous meaning.


#28 Early career specials

Welcome to the special episode of our podcast, where we showcase the work of early career scholars in health professions education from around the world. This is part one of a two-part series, where we will hear from three different researchers who have been nominated by colleagues to share their projects and insights with us.
In this episode, we will learn about the diverse topics and methods that these scholars are using to advance the field of health professions education. From every continent except Antarctica, they are tackling issues such as curriculum design, assessment, feedback, professional identity, and more. We hope that their stories will inspire you to connect with them, explore their work, and pursue your own education scholarship.


#22 Feedback: Who owns it?

Students say they don’t get enough, or enough ‘good’ feedback … teachers say they deliver lots and do it well. Could some of this tension be because the role of the learner in the feedback process is underemphasized?  Students must have ‘feedback literacy’ and use behaviors that facilitate effective feedback … but what does this actually involve? Is it an issue with ‘triadic reciprocal interplay’?