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#40 That’s a Terrible Idea. Sign me Up! MHPE programs around the world 

WHY are these MHPE program so popular? In this episode, the hosts discuss the explosion of Master’s in Health Professions Education programs around the world. They discuss a paper reporting on the goals of these programs, the expectations Directors have of the graduates, and future directions.


#37 – The 3Ms Do you depend on your phone?

In this episode, the papers podcast team reviews a paper that explores media multitasking (MMM) among medical students. The paper applies a theory-based approach to understand the beliefs and factors that influence MMM behavior and its impact on academic performance. The team discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, the use of theory and methods, and the relevance and usefulness of the findings for health professions education. Tune in to hear their lively and insightful conversation.


#35 – “I heard it on a podcast… “: Best practices for developing quality open access education resources.

Open access on-line education resources are the fast growing segment of educational tools.  As this grassroots phenomenon approaches metaphorical middle age, what are the best practices for the development and implementation of blogs, podcasts, inforgraphics etc.  This episode helps synthesize the evidence for developers.  


#33 – Holiday specials

It’s our annual infamous Holiday Episode, where we find the quirkiest papers in health professions education. These are the papers that we couldn’t resist talking about, even if they’re not the most rigorous or relevant to our practice. These are the papers that will make you say “Wow, I can’t believe this got into the literature!” We like to have some fun and celebrate the diversity and creativity of our field. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new or get inspired by some of these quirky papers. So, without further ado, let’s turn to our elves and see what do they have for us!


#11 Break on through to the other side of PIF

In this episode, Lara brings a book chapter to the discussion which asks if we need to think differently about professional identity formation (PIF). The hosts discuss the strengths and weaknesses of current ways of thinking about PIF and they review the concept of subjectification and how this concept might help the field move to new, and exciting new ways of thinking about being a clinician.