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#35 – “I heard it on a podcast… “: Best practices for developing quality open access education resources.

Open access on-line education resources are the fast growing segment of educational tools.  As this grassroots phenomenon approaches metaphorical middle age, what are the best practices for the development and implementation of blogs, podcasts, inforgraphics etc.  This episode helps synthesize the evidence for developers.  


#34 – To be, or not to be … a CE … and how to get there: that is the educator question. 

How can organizations support the development of Clinical Educator Identity? In this episode of PAPERS Podcast, the hosts review a recent study that explores the factors affecting Clinical Educator Identity Formation and provides guidance on how organizations can support its development, maintenance, and advancement. How do we get to be who we are as educators? What are the enablers and barriers? How do personal, relational, and organizational factors impact the formation of Senior Clinical-Educator Identity? Listen in!