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#42 – Will being active on social media get you a professorship?

Use of social and digital media is under recognized as an academic activity, and generally work in this area does not ‘count’ towards academic advancement … yet. How does one measure the quantity and quality of these activities as scholarship? Listen in on this week’s episode where we discuss a framework for “measuring” Social end Digital Media contributions.


#40 That’s a Terrible Idea. Sign me Up! MHPE programs around the world 

WHY are these MHPE program so popular? In this episode, the hosts discuss the explosion of Master’s in Health Professions Education programs around the world. They discuss a paper reporting on the goals of these programs, the expectations Directors have of the graduates, and future directions.


#38 Feedback: One More Time

Feedback convention (dogma?) suggests that it should be given immediately. This episode examines that premise. Via an elegant experiment, the authors examine the effect of feedback on learning and the optimal timing of feedback. Spoiler alert: it’s an experiment, so you’ll need to squint/stretch to see how/if the findings change your teaching practice.